What We Do


The success of our trade activities depends on the diversity of our commodities, suppliers, customers and logistics. We partner with our customers to pinpoint solutions that suit them best, facilitating them to manage the risk and enhancement opportunities involved in commodity trading, while maintaining high international quality and safety standards.


Our marketing team focuses on developing advantageous marketing strategies for our customers, innovative trading flows, and reliable logistics that will allow us and our customers to continue to gain global market share and increase trading volumes.

Supply Chain Management:

Through our Supply chain management (SCM) we try to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

The strength of our extensive physical trading positions allows us to continue to deliver the best value to our clients, and generate new sales opportunities, while being flexible with the changing dynamics of global trade.


Logistics Management:

Logistics management is the heart of our business, where we offer shipping services globally using chartered ships. Our long term experience in chartering and managing shipments, means that our customers get their commodities delivered to them at their destinations, in a timely, safe and hassle free manner.